All our access control readers are available with 24 hour and single use pins. This provides extra security, and is also useful when you need to give someone access for a limited period of time. The same reader may contain 24 hour pins, single use pins and a number of regular pins that stay valid.

24 hour pins

24 hour pins will increase the security level of your access control, as you minimise the risk of someone else getting hold of and abusing your pin. Additionally, you can use 24 hour pins to grant access to someone for one or more days, after which they will no longer able to enter. This saves you the trouble of adding a personal pin to your system only to delete it a few days later.

Single use pins

Like 24 hour pins, single use pins are useful for time limited access. The only difference is, that single use pins are disabled, the moment they have been used. This may be useful for maintenance, repairs or giving customers access to backend areas.

24 hour pins and single use pins from pc or app

24 hour pins expire every day at 12 midnight and single use pins expire after use. Valid codes are retrieved from a small software program on your pc or from an app on your phone. It is not necessary to connect your access control reader to the pc or phone. From your pc you can even export a list of 24 hour pins and single use pins to an excel document and print the list is you wish.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about access control readers with 24 hour or single use pins, please call us at +45 72 40 60 03.