Bøge Alle 14 in Ribe, Denmark, is a supervised housing and activity facility for 18 residents, with multiple mental and physical impairments. Here, Lindpro has installed access control readers with Bluetooth, PIN codes and Mifare-technology as door opening solutions for residents’ private rooms.

Bluetooth, Tags and Door closers

The residents of Bøge Alle 14 are not able to open the door to their apartment themselves. That is why Lindpro has installed Bluetooth readers on each door and connected them to a door operator that opens the door when the resident stands outside. A Bluetooth Low Energy tag located on the resident’s wheelchair activates the reader. In this way, the employees do not have to go all the way to the door to open it, when they are with the resident.

The Bluetooth tag is programmed so that the individual citizen may only access their own room. You also have the possibility to set the reading distance, in which the resident must be, before the door opens.

Mifare for Employees

The employees at Bøge Alle access the front door and the residents’s rooms using their own personal Mifare tag. It is therefore not necessary for the employees to have keys or tags for each room. There are also Mifare readers installed on some residents’s kitchen and medical cabinets, so that only the employees can access the cabinets.

Codes as Back-up or to Guests

All Bluetooth readers are equipped with a keypad as back-up. This means that it is always possible to open the doors with a PIN code, which ensures accessibility, even when the programmed Mifare and Bluetooth tags are not available. A code may also be handed over to relatives, who visit often.

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The supervised residential facility at Bøge Alle 14 was installed by Lindpro.

Lindpro is dedicated to delivering excellent technical craftsmanship. Lindpro is also a leading knowledge company with focus on delivering innovative technical solutions within various specialty areas. The variety of solutions adds great value for their customers.

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