Digital access control has been commonly used in large companies for many years, whereas only a few have installed a digital access solution in their private homes. However, digital access control becomes more and more fitted for this area too. Some may even go further than just a regular keypad or proximity reader. We have spoken to Mads Werning, who has chosen to install a Conlan fingerprint scanner (FP1000) at his home in Aalborg. Mads emphasizes the following three advantages:

  1. Comfort: Nothing to bring, nothing to remember
  2. Security: Full control over who has access to your home
  3. Flexibility: Ability to provide remote access via the keypad

Why digital access control?

Mads and his family have always been interested in new technology and trying new things. In addition, they particularly thought that a digital solution would be more convenient in a family with children:

“We avoid all the difficulties associated with our children’s keys. Keys would always disappear or be forgotten, and we then had to go home to let them in. With a digital access solution, they can always get in the house,”

says Mads.

A digital access solution has the advantage that users can easily be removed from the system. In situations where it usually would be necessary to change the entire lock, if you lose a key, you can easily delete a user when you have a digital solution – whether you have a keypad, a tag/card reader or a fingerprint scanner. You always know for sure, who has access to your house.

Why fingerprint access control?

Previously, the Werning family had just a keypad installed, but recently they have added a fingerprint scanner.

“With just the keypad, all of the neighbourhood children ended up with our PIN and had free access to our house. We chose the fingerprint scanner so our children cannot pass a code or key to their friends,”

says Mads

“If a friend often needs access to our house, it can easily be fixed by adding him to the reader. I like that it never happens without our knowledge.”

With the fingerprint scanner from Conlan, only administrators can add new users. The administrator must also identify using their fingerprints. All administration – including adding and deleting users – is thereby done directly on the fingerprint scanner using the menu on the display. It is even possible to delete users who are not present.

Fingerprint scanner and a keypad

The fingerprint scanner is installed along with a keypad to provide maximum flexibility. The keypad is primarily used for those who do not need access every day.

“We have the keypad so we can always give a PIN to a craftsman, a plumber etc. So we don’t need to be home to let them in,”

says Mads. Conlan’s PIN and tag reader, the CP1000, is delivered with 24 hour and single use PINs, which are ideal for this purpose.

For further information about our keypad or fingerprint scanner, please feel free to contact us at or phone +45 72 40 60 03.