The company Heartcare in Randers, Denmark just launched a new defibrillator wall case, which excels by its extensive information for users and fast calling of ambulance assistance. The wall case has been developed in joint cooperation with I-Sikring and the access to the wall case can be controlled by means of two different Conlan systems.

Intelligent Defibrillator Wall Case

The new defibrillator wall case from Heartcare among other things excels due to the possibility of automatically calling the emergency services. When opening the wall case, an automatic message is transmitted including the co-ordinates of the wall case, and therefore an ambulance can be sent to the place of the accident, without the user having to spend time on the call. At the same time, the user is guided through the use of the defibrillator, so that the necessary first aid measures can be taken until the ambulance arrives.

Access to the Wall Case

The defibrillator wall case is delivered with one of two types of access control – namely a code/mifare reader (CM1000) or a fingerprint reader (FP1000). In situations, where only certain persons should have access to the wall case, mifare or pin code access is advantageous; for instance in schools or shops, where only the staff should have access to the wall case.

The fingerprint reader can be used, where the defibrillator must be accessible to the public. Here, the wall case is opened by any fingerprint and the registration of the fingerprint only serves to avoid misuse/theft of the defibrillator.

For more information on the defibrillator wall case, please contact Heartcare or I-Sikring.