Conlan access control readers can now be ordered with the Modbus communication protocol. Initially, you can order our PIN and Mifare readers with Modbus.

What is Modbus?

Modbus is a communication protocol developed in 1979 by the company formerly known as Modicon. It is a simple and reliable standard protocol developed for the industrial sector.

What is it used for?

The Modbus protocol is frequently used for industrial applications, because the protocol allows for communication between a large number of devices connected to the same network. Conlan’s first Modbus readers will be used for a combined BMS and ACS solution, developed in collaboration with Softcontrol.

BMS and ACS in one solution

Softcontrol is working on a larger solution that will allow a single controller to be able to control air conditioning as well as access to several gates and doors in a large industrial facility.

“Being able to access both light, heat, alarms and ACS in one system provides a number of benefits,”

says Kim Jespersen, CEO of Softcontrol.

“For instance, we can reuse a lot of censors, and thereby also save money.”

At Softcontrol they are frequently developing customized systems for their customers. It is important for them that the development process is flexible and that the final quality is at its best.

“We have chosen to work with Conlan on this project, one of the reasons being that all development and production takes place in Denmark. This allows us to provide both the highest flexibility and quality, just as our customers expect,”

says Kim.

About Softcontrol

Softcontrol is an ambitious company with a can do attitude and an impressive roadmap with a number of new product introductions in the sales pipeline. Softcontrol’s platform provides a complete solution for heating, lighting, monitoring, security etc.
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