In the heart of Aalborg is a lovely and well-kept private home. Here lives a family of five who in 2016 would rent out their basement to utilize the home’s square meters.

WHY – To access the basement, the tenants must go through the back door. The family and the tenants thus share the same entrance at the back of the house. Therefore, the family was looking for a solution on how they could give the tenants access to the basement without them also having access to the family’s private residence.

WHAT – It was important for the family to keep the architectural style of the house. However, it was not entirely straightforward to find an access control solution where the solution only sat on one side of the door, says Michael Goth-Rindal. Together with CONLAN’s CEO, Ejner Hansen, the family found a solution where they could both preserve the old door and at the same time avoid pulling wires for electricity.

The CT1000 keypad is installed on the back door of the house, giving both family and tenants keyless access to the house. In addition, the C1000LP keypad is installed on the front door of the private home, where the solution is only visible from the side of the staircase. From the inside of the house, you can not see that the door is powered by a keypad.

The keypad on the front door of the private residence is battery powered, meaning the old door could remain, without the pull of wires. As the keypad is a low power device, the keyboard can go through many cycles before the battery needs to be replaced. The family changes the battery themselves, and the keyboard tells when it’s time.

BENEFITS – With this solution, the family can access their home, completely without the need for keys.

We are really happy with our solution. It works and is a flexible system that we can easily handle ourselves,” says Michael Goth-Rindal.

In addition, the family also uses the keypads’ daycode function. This allows them to create a code to e.g. the cleaning, which only works the one day. With this, the family has full control over who has access to the house and when.


CT1000 reader on back door – A standalone reader with code. Possibility of up to 28 user codes. The keypad can also be connected to the alarm, so that the alarm is switched off at the same time as the door is unlocked.

C1000LP reader on the entrance door for the private home – Reader with code and low power consumption for access control. Several options for access with codes, including one-time, day and period codes that are active from 1-28 days. In addition, the keypad can be powered by both battery or wired power.