In Stenum in the northern part of Jutland lives Flemming. Flemming has muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair. He cannot move his fingers well, so for the last year, Flemming and his staff have entered his home in Stenum with the help of a Conlan Bluetooth reader.

Access with PIN code and Bluetooth

The Bluetooth reader picks up a signal transmitted by Flemming’s smart phone.

I needed a solution that allows me to open my door without moving my hands. At first we discussed putting some kind of switch in the floor, but this is a much better solution,

says Flemming.

On the other hand, Flemming has a number of different staffs visiting him, so it is not practical to enter all their phones into the reader. They enter the house through a PIN code.

Programmable reading distance

Flemming can program how much or how little distance he wants, before the door opens.

I open the door when I am about 1 meter away. I need enough distance to not get hit in the head, but I also don’t want the door to open, when I am in my garden,

says Flemming.

Bluetooth attached to the wheelchair

Today Flemming’s smart phone is sending a signal to open the door, but soon a small Bluetooth transmitter attached to Flemming’s wheelchair will do the job.

It will be even better that way. It will ensure, that the transmitter is always in the exact same spot, so the door will open at the same distance every time,

says Flemming.

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