Do you ever install several access control readers with identical pins, transponders, fingerprints etc. without using a pc? And would you like to save time by not having to program every single reader? We have developed a time saving solution that enables you to clone information from one reader to another by using Mifare.

Stand Alone access control

Stand Alone access control is the logical choice for small installations with few doors and gates. They are found mainly in private homes or businesses, where only certain doors or lockers need extra protection. However, we also experience an increasing demand for Stand Alone solutions for larger buildings with several entrances. This may be the case in housing associations, where the same people need access to all entrances, backdoors, laundry rooms etc. In these cases, programming all readers may take some time.

Cloned access control readers

With a Mifare card, you can easily transfer information from one of our readers to others. All you need to do is program one reader, transfer the information to the Mifare card and then transfer to the remaining readers. Cloning access control readers give you two main advantages:

  • It saves time and therefore money in the installation process
  • You keep a backup of all information on the Mifare card

If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about cloned access control readers, please call us at +45 72 40 60 03.