Recently Jes Stokholm at Ølby Electrical Services received an unusual request from Østermark Entreprenørforretning, who provide contractor services all over Europe.

At Østermark they had experienced an increase in theft of machinery. They had decided that what they needed was some sort of immobilisation, and so they asked us to work on a solution,

says Jes.

Theft of machinery

The problem for Østermark was that many of the machines, they use, are produced with identical ignition keys. So if you possess just one key, you have access to several machines of that kind. At Ølby Electrical Services they were familiar with the issue, but at the time they had no experience in solving it.

At first, we called Lemvigh Müller and a few others to see if anyone had a solution to this issue. Through Lemvigh Müller we got in contact with Conlan, and we quickly agreed that we would work on a solution together,

explains Jes.

Immobilisation through access control

Today Ølby Electrical Services have delivered 20 immobilisers to Østermark. They make sure, that none of the machines are able to start unless you have both the ignition key and a transponder for the access control system.

It has been an interesting job for us and something completely new. Fortunately, we have very skilled people working here, who have been able to understand the issue and together with Conlan, we have found a solution,

says Jes.

If you would like to know more about using access control for immobilisation, please call us at +45 72 40 60 03 or write us.