Fingerprint access control is undoubtedly the most comfortable solution. No need to bring a key or remember a pin – all you need to do is swipe your finger. Our new fingerprint reader uses the latest technology to make fingerprint access control more secure and at the same time ease installation, programming and daily use.

Intelligent reading

Our new fingerprint reader excels in the precision with which it reads your finger. When you program the reader, it is no longer enough to swipe your finger once. Earlier one swipe programming might result in an inaccurate reading and subsequently poor recognition.

With the new generation of fingerprint access control, you need to swipe your finger several times, until the reader has drawn a complete map of your fingerprint. How many times depends on your print.

Better recognition

After this initial programming, you only need to swipe your finger once to gain access. Compared to the older generation of fingerprint access, it is now less important whether or not you swipe your finger completely accurately, because the reader has stored more information.

Easy programming with display

The new readers come with a display that you can set up with welcoming messages, instructions, etc. and which also function as a menu for programming. This makes programming fingerprint readers considerably easier, and it enables you to edit or delete users without them being present for swipe their fingers.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about our new fingerprint readers, please call us at +45 72 40 60 03.