OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) is an international standard communications protocol that allows units such as access control readers to communicate with other safety units or systems – such as door controllers. The protocol has been developed and is maintained by SIA (Security Industry Association) in order to promote opportunities for communication between security units and systems of various origins.

Why choose OSDP?

There are many valid reasons for choosing access control with OSDP when safety has top priority. Lars Juul-Olsen, Managing Director at Techsolutions, chose to develop their new controller TechPoint with OSDP:

OSDP offers freedom of choice of readers for high-security installations. The communication between readers and the controller can be encrypted, which is of high importance, since the readers are, after all, mostly installed outside of the safeguarded area. As a developer of door controllers, you save development costs, since you do not have to develop proprietary protocols for various card readers,

says Lars.

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Conlan access control with OSDP

Today, a number of Conlan access control readers can be delivered with OSDP. Among other things, the Mykey reader – CM – and our display. Our readers with OSDP are called 3002 – e.g. CM3002. Many of our other readers can also be delivered with OSDP, so if you want ODSP readers, contact us and hear about the choices.

Read more about OSDP at siaonline.org