22 sports halls in Silkeborg Kommune were to renew their lighting in 2015. Additionally, they wanted to be able to adjust the light setting to each user group. This task was performed by Henning Mortensen VVS & El using Conlans CT2000 to control the light settings.

Light Setting in Silkeborg Sports Halls

Henning Mortensen VVS & El have already installed 16 of the 22 sports halls in Silkeborg.

They wanted different light settings for different user groups. For instance, when the cleaning crew arrives, they have one PIN code to switch on the LED lights. This gives them a soft light. The schools have a different code which turns on a brighter light, and the athletes who pay to use the sports halls have a third code which makes the LED lights even brighter,

says Kurt Hedegaard from Henning Mortensen VVS & El.

Access Control is Personal Identification

Traditional access control is all about opening doors. However, access control technologies can be used for any personal identification purpose. At Conlan we see more and more varied use of our access control readers.

For instance, access control technology is used in relation to time management, to give different rights to use machinery, person location, automatic pc startup etc.