When you want to secure large businesses or public institutions it seems logical to gather several functions – such as burglary, access control, video surveillance and booking – in one system. The NOX system is one of the security systems that can do this – and the NOX system is compatible with all of Conlan’s readers.

NOX means security and flexibility

The NOX system is placed in the highest security category and based on an open platform, so it easily integrates with existing and future installations. This gives the system a high level of reliability even in complex systems – a quality that is highly valued by Danish supplier, ARAS.

The systems must function seamlessly. And they must live up to their promises,

says Gunnar Høj, Key Account Manager at ARAS.

MyKey adds an exclusive look

ARAS buys access control readers from external suppliers – Conlan among others – and the NOX system is easily compatible with the Mykey line.

The new Mykey readers probably have the best design on the market right now. And design is increasingly being valued by our customers. People seem very pleased with the compact size as well,

says Gunnar.

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