Shift scheduling, wage calculation and time tracking can be a big and complicated task, for instance for companies with a large number of employees, varied employment conditions and varying personnel demands. LESSOR A/S has delivered complex software packages to large and small companies for many years and delivers the shift scheduling and time tracking system LESSOR-Workforce to all approx. 60 stores of Lagkagehuset since January 2011.

LESSOR-Workforce includes a specifically developed Conlan CT3001 code keypad, which the employees use to register the actual time of arrival and leaving. Store manager Tina Troelsen of Lagkagehuset in Aalborg is very satisfied with the system.

Exact Time Tracking

When the employees of Lagkagehuset in Aalborg arrive, they enter a personal code followed by “in” at the code keypad. All the breaks are registered in the same way via the keypad.

In this way, the actual working hours of the employees are registered, so that we can calculate the correct wages. If for instance the store has been especially busy and the employees haven’t taken their breaks, I can see that in the system,

says Tina.

Shift Schedule by App

Tina is especially happy about the LESSOR app, which always shows her and her employees the correctly updated shift schedule, wherever they may be.

The employees often swap their shifts, but since they can see the current shift schedule in the app, they always know who is on a specific shift.

Personnel Planning

In the system, Tina can go back in time and view the shift schedules and actual working hours for her staff. This helps to develop future realistic shift schedules.

If for instance, I can see that 3 persons were on a shift at Easter 2015, but that these 3 persons did not register any breaks via the keypad and I can see at the same time that the sales were higher than expected, they may have been too busy, so I may consider putting 4 persons on the shift in 2016.


LESSOR-Workforce is an online planning tool for planning times and dialogues with the employees at the same time. The web-based solution provides an overview of both leaders and employees, who all have access to exactly the information and features that are relevant to them.

CT3001 or OSDP

The 3001 system is the 485 protocol developed by Conlan and can be used for many purposes since your development team can adjust and further develop the software. Therefore, CT3001 is a good choice for OEM systems that need a simple code keypad with many or very specific software features.

Apart from the 3001 series, we also offer OEM readers with the new open international standard, OSDP. Conlan readers with OSDP are called 3002.

Read more about OSDP.